Ross has really helped me over the last two years to increase my flexibility. He has also given me a plan which is easy to follow. All this has helped me on my journey to gaining a European Tour card.”

Jack Senior

European Tour Player

“Ross is a highly talented golf coach who has absolutely transformed my golf swing in a very short space of time. By uniquely understanding my capabilities, he has greatly exceeded my expectations by adding a combination of speed in my golf swing and distance in my shots with great control. His lessons have given me the ability to compress the golf ball throughout all the clubs in my set, albeit with a lot of confidence. His intricate knowledge, detailed explanation and strong determination to ensure that you fully understand the swing before the end of each lesson is what makes him stand out above the rest. The results speak for itself!”


Faizal Mahmed

Faizal Mahmed

Since working with Ross I have felt my overall strength and conditioning has improved and I am in the best physical condition that I have ever been in. As his programme is so specific to my golf swing I have enabled to get rid of certain misses by strengthening the specific muscles which correlate to the misses. Ross works closely with myself and my coach to determine what is the best programme for success. If I ever have any queries Ross is quick to respond and answer.”

Jack Clarkson

Europro Tour


“I’ve been playing golf for over 30 years and had lessons over the years from a few PGA professionals, after a period away from the game and a few injuries forced me to find a new approach to improving my game. Ross’s approach to teaching is fantastic in that he’s structured my swing around my physical athletic abilities using his extensive biomechanical knowledge, which has transformed my ball striking and distances in a short time and I look forward with confidence that he’ll help build a swing that will make the game more enjoyable to play I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Dean Gee

10 Handicap